Wednesday, September 8, 2010
GET SMALL BRAIDS!!! My edges aren't out due to the styles I put my hair in but these pics show you why you must be careful with braids and your edges... Hair period.
You can see how the braids are sliding off of the small hairs in the front of my head. It looks like my hair is hanging on for dear life. It is causing the hair follicles at my temples to be tender. That is why I am taking them out this weekend. these braids did last 7 weeks which is great. I will post pics of my hair with the braids out.
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
So I was at work and I remembered... TAKE A PICTURE!!! Some people thought I got my braids redone or at least the front redone. They came out beautiful but there is one thing...
  1. My braids are so long and heavy that the curls fell.
That's really it... I would recommended spraying the braids with HOLDING SPRAY after the mousse and before the drier. But I really love this style.
Monday, September 6, 2010
I want to try and curl my braids before I take them out. These are the "one last cry" hairstyles that girls do when their braids are on their last leg. And since I have done everything I could do to keep them up, I figures since they are on their last 2-3 weeks lets have some fun with them. I purchased very small turquoise and yellow rods for my hair. (They are the second and third smallest ones.) When they ran out I used pipe cleaners. (lol) What I have done so far?
  1. Rod Hair with flexi rods or pipe cleaners.
  2. Dip them in boiling hot water,
  3. Apply mousse to your head. (styling or holding mousse, NOT WRAPPING MOUSSE)
  4. Sit under the drier for an hour.
I plan on sleeping with the rods and pipe cleaners in my hair. I will take them out Tuesday morning and post the results.
Thanks Nadia &
Wish Me Luck People

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