Thursday, September 30, 2010
Just a random thought...
       If white people had kinky, curly, coiled hair, and black people had long, straight, shiny hair, then would we get texturizers to make our hair curly like theirs. Would afro's be a great look in the the work place and straight hair un-assimilated... Hmmm... What do you think?
Yes thats right, you have to start somewhere so why not with $100 track. I am going to sew in my hair by myself. Below is pictures of the corn roll pattern I used to sew in the hair. It has a corn roll going around my head. It also has the zig zag pattern in the back as well as a circle for the closure at the top.
I am am also going to sew in my invisible part that is why in the picture of the front you see the curve with lines leading from it. I am gone to sew a piece of track on each line to make the invisible part. This was inspired by ThaShoStoppa05.
I am using Milky Way Yaky Weave 1b. 14 &12 inch.
Wish me luck!
Sunday, September 26, 2010
Track: 10
Styling Potential: 7
Tangle Level: 3
Overall: Strong 6
I loved/hated this track. After 2 weeks it was over. The track actually free-dreaded. I did every thing that was supposed to be done to it. I wet it, braided it up at night, de-tangled it, styled it, washed it... every thing. It still tangled too easily and was very hard to "blow out/straighten."

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