Saturday, June 26, 2010

Protective Hair Styles

Your hair is a very sensitive body. When it is out it is fighting a war. It is fighting:


-Each Other Hair Strand


-Dirt and Debris in the Air

Because your hair is fighting all of this it is good to get protective hair styles and to keep your hair up off of your neck. Hair on your neck is constantly rubbing up against fabric from your non-satin shirt, your necklace, and your hair. When your hair is in a protective style it rubs up against stuff less. It also is protected from all of the other things listed. So what exactly is a protective hair style. Here is a list of some examples:

Curls: flexi rods, bantu knot-outs, curlers, etc

Braids: Braids w/ and w/out fake hair (kanekelon, etc), French braids, etc

Twists: Kinky Twists, twists w/ and w/ out fake hair. Sanglenese Twists.

Others: Buns, Ponytail w/ fake hair, corn-rolls, flat twists.

When you have these styles, your hair still has to be moisturized on a daily basis. You can wash and condition most of your protective hair styles as well. When you hair is protected you optimize its ability to grow because it is not rubbing against stuff and breaking off.

My Hair

I have very kinky very coiled 4c hair and my hair is the weakest. It breaks very easily. It also does not retain moisture well either. And because it is very coiled it curls up around itself and causes other hairs to break off. Once my hair got very short on the crown of my head because of hats, scarves and coo-fies. Because my hair breaks so much I need to keep it in protective styles. One of my styles is the picture on the right. In this picture I have very large braids. They are like the Poetic Justice, Sista Girl braids, lol. These braids lasted for 4 weeks. They could not last longer because my hair is short and it came out of some of the braids. If the braids were smaller then I would have kept them longer. Protective hairstyles are a plus and very well needed.

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