Friday, June 18, 2010


This is my first post. I'm really excited to have a blog. I already have a video blog with Youtube. But I really wanted to make a blog to review products, post pic, and to give an insight into my ideas on natural hair. Currently I am rocking a template provided by blogger but soon, I WILL HAVE THE BEST BLOG EVER!
A little bit about myself... I's currently in college perusing my Biology degree. I am also a McNair scholar. I plan on attending Medical School to become an Anesthesiologist. BOOST!!! But on my spare time I am dedicated to my NATURAL hair. Now of course this isn't just about me, in this blog you will see me doing big chops and styles. You will also see pics of new naturals that I know. Please enjoy!!!

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  1. work it girl you look fabulous! congrats on your Blog! I'm loving it!

    From a fellow natural :)