Monday, July 26, 2010

Hair Myths from Yahoo

So I'm chillin' like a villain and I am checking my inbox on Yahoo, when I go to main page I see this article, "Don't Be Fooled By These Hair Care Myths". The hair care myths (bulleted),their view (italicized), my view (under myth):
  • Frequent hair trims makes hair grow faster. (it grows at the same rate... period)
Ok, I can dig it. Hair does grow at about a 1/2 an inch a month. But, I believe that trimming your ends will cause your split ends to not break off thus causing your hair to get shorter.
  • Stress can make your hair fall out. (50-120 hair strands fall out everyday anyway)
This is one myth that I still agree with. They believe that your a few hairs fall out during major events (surgery, death, divorce, etc). I believe that it all depends on the person. Each person make take each event in their life differently, thus a wide range of reasons for a few to come out.
  • Switching shampoos can make hair look healthier. (your hair doesn't know you switched)
I agree with this one. But some shampoos just makes your hair feel so much better.
  • You pluck out one gray hair and three will come up. (no)
I agree but it just seems that way.
  • You can't make flat, fine hair full of body. (you can)
  • Rinsing with ice cold water after shampoo will make your hair shiner. (no)
I never heard that rinsing with cold water after shampooing was good, but I did read that cold rinsing after conditioning is god because it closes up your follicles, making making your hair retain moisture... Ey, thats what I heard.
  • Coloring your hair causes major damage. (todays products are too gentle to cause damage)
Now I have heard women, beauticians, and just people say how dye, gentle or not damages your hair. I have felt the textures of hair dyed and un-dyed on the same person and each section of hair feels different. The dyed hair feels weaker. Some dyes mess up the pH in hair. Dye has to be powerful enough to lift the hair follicles and get into the hair shaft to dye the hair. To do this chemicals are needed. Some dyes use ammonia. I still agree with this "myth".
  • You should brush your hair 100 strokes everyday. (you will damage your follicles)
Brushing your hair will damage your hair follicles, especially us 4 hair types.
  • You can mend split ends with the right hair products. (no, just cut them)
No you cannot fix split ends, I agree with the article when it says, "You can only make them look good. CUT THEM!!!
  • To get really clean hair you must lather, rinse and repeat. (one good time works fine)
I learned something new. Well I love the squeaky clean feeling. And if I have not shampoo washed my hair in 2 weeks, believe I will lather, rinse and repeat!

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