Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shea Moisture: Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Cost: $10
Smell: Great
Texture: Thick
Rating: 8/10

I was in Target looking at the new "natural" lines they sell. I came across Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. When I read that it had Coconut Oil AND Silk Protein I should have stepped away. My hair hates protein. But I thought this would be a great water based moisturizer... KindaThis product works BEAUTIFULLY for twists, cornrolls, braids, and twist/braid outs. I am going to hold on to this product. It also works great in my friend's twist out: 

I will tell you this though, this is a great replacement for Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme. It is cheap and it also DOES NOT have mineral oil in it, like Miss Jessie's does.

HOWEVER, It felt really thick and gross on my thick 4c hair when I rubbed it directly on my toweled dry hair. It felt like it just sat on top of my hair. I did not like that. It did not define my curls either. Maybe I should not have put it on my hair while it was wet. but as a twist cream or a water based coating cream this is great!


  1. I find that this product would be a disappointment for someone looking for the same curl-definition of a gel or the type of moisture given by cantu shea butter leave-in.

    The fact that shea butter was the second ingredient baffled me when reading that is was "curl-enhancing". It def. has a shea butter feeling when you apply it as it feels a little waxy on the hair but not on your hands (and it's easy to wash off your hands which I like).

    The product is nice for moisturizing, after the white residue has gone away. Also, it takes a long time for it to dry and give definition for a braidout or twistout, even when applied to dry hair.

    I did notice some curl defining, but I don't really think it was the product itself. More like the fact that I was raking it through.

    So if you are not looking for super definition, like shea butter, and have a strong curl patter already, I would recommend it.

  2. Maybe you should try it again on a later date. I was the same way, but I tried it again and it is great. I use it on top of the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner when I want a hold or alone when just looking for moisture, I love it. I agree it does leave a buildup when too much is used, you can't be too heavy handed. I have learned that I only need a little to do my chunky twist outs.

  3. I have 4c hair and I tried this product out and at first I hated it. But then, I started using it differently. I moisten my hair just a little, enough to pick it out and use a small amount of the smoothie. Once you work it in well, the moisture lasts. Then seal with whatever oil. You can check it out. Youtube: itskiwi19(hair regimen) Hope this helps =]

  4. I must say as a faithful Carol's Daughter and buttersnbars user, I love this product!!This product is great for natural hair regardless of the curl pattern. I have used it on my hair and my daugher's hair while both wet and dry.The trick is to NOT use an excessive amount. Please remember this is not Miss Jessies and you do NOT need fistfuls to get your desired look.