Monday, July 19, 2010

What You Will Not Do

As you know may know I had mini twisted my hair. Every morning to refresh my hair I would spray them with water, rub a little bit of conditioner on them, and seal in the moisture with shea butter. I believe this is where the problems began.
  • When your hair dries after your wet it, it shrinks up. I believe my hair shrunk up around itself.
  • I did not clip my ends after i twisted my hair. I know I needed my ends clipped!
  • I got in a pool. The worst thing I could ever do! Chlorine dries out your hair. So then when it dried I had tangled dry fragile hair!!!
So what did I do? In this order I:
  1. De-tangled (dry, while taking out my locs, lol)
  2. Washed
  3. Conditioned
  4. De-tangled (while tre'summe naturals was in)
  5. Washed (yes I shampooed the conditioner out)
  6. Deep Conditioned (my avocado and egg recipe)
  7. Washed
  8. Conditioned
  9. De-tangled (while aubrey organics was in)
  10. Rinse
Was all this necessary? YES!!! I did not want locs! My hair had locked up. My hair is still pretty dry and needs a little love. On a brighter :) note, I was gentle and I only lost a little bit of hair and at least i know how to lock my hair now. LOL
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