Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Braid Q & A

People always ask me these lovely questions:
  • How long did it take for you to get your hair done?
13 hours.
  • Can you still wash your hair?
Yes you can. Some people condition it as well. I don't suggest conditioning them.
I feel that the slickness of the conditioner would cause the braids to slide off of your hair.
  • How often do you moisturize your hair?
I moisturize it once a week. I do not want to cause build up. It will make your braids dirty and smell.
  • Does it pull out your edges?
If you don't take care of your hair, or if the braids are to small it can.
  • Where did you get them done?
Blessing Braiding, Harford Rd., Baltimore, MD 21214
  • How long can you keep them in?
Again, everything depends on how you take care of your hair. Some people stretch braids out for 3-4 months!!! I only keep mines for 8-10weeks. You can get the edges redone to keep them looking fresh.
  • How do u keep the ends straight?
You can keep your braids shiny and the ends straight by heating water up where it is almost a boil, then dipping your hair into the water.
  • How much did it cost?
  • How do you style it?
I put my hair on the top of my head so it won't pull out my edges. You can also braid your hair and dip it in hot water to crinkle it. You can do all other styles.
  • Do they fall out?
YES!!! Don't be surprised!
  • How long are they?
They go down to the middle of my back.
  • Are they heavy?
YES!!! Kanekalon is heavy!

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