Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cooking Spray For Hair

Everyone knows you can use cooking spray to remove gum, silly putty, and other stickys from our hair and clothing. But lately people have been asking me...
Can you use cooking spray for your hair?
Well there are some great ingredients in cooking spray. Some sprays have olive, coconut, avocado, palm, soybean and other oils. These are all great things in itself, but there are also other things in the spray that I question.
  1. Some sprays have grain alcohol in them. ALCOHOL! Everyone knows that alcohol is very drying and can damage hair. But to be sure I decided to so some research on grain alcohol. I found out that there is natural and FATTY alcohols! They are very hard to find but they do exist. Natural Grain Alcohol is a non drying alcohol and it helps retain moisture.
  2. Another thing to think about on the ingredients list is the "propellant" they use. Some cans say that they use grain alcohol. Others say propellant. Well a propellant can be N-Butane, iso-butane, nitrogen, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. These things so not harm the hair because they are found in a vast amount of hair product sprays. But be careful, your hair will be flammable just like with hair spray.
NaturalG's Says: You can use cooking spray for your hair, BUT read the ingredients and make sure it has natural alcohol in it and not oils or chemicals that can harm your hair. And wow!!! Non Drying Alcohols!?
Sites On Alcohols: Click Here

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