Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On My Weave

Week 1:
After about a week or so, my hair was getting very tangled! I put Knot Today detangler and water in it and it worked while my hair was wet but when my hair dried it was clumped, matted and gross looking. I also have to wet my hair every time it gets dry. Wetting it flattens it, gives it movement and detangles it. However when this hair is wet, it drips black. It is as if the hair was dyed before it got packaged. They drippings spotted my clothes. I felt like a Soul Glo rep. I also tried to blow it out to straighten, that was an epic fail...
Week 2:
To stop the clumping and to get the hair from dripping black, I washed my weave. I parted it into 4 sections and used Dr. Bronner's castile soap. I detangled my hair, rinsed it and braided it while I was in the shower. After I was done, I let my hair air dry. If you blow dry it, the glue for the closure and invisible part would slip.
  1. This hair is beautiful.
  2. I love the curls and I love how it looks and feels.
  3. I do love that you can convert it from straight to curly.
  4. Its thick and worth the $30 a pack.
  1. If you add any product to this hair you have to wash it within the next 2 days. DO NOT ADD PRODUCTS IT WILL MAT AND BE HARD TO COMB. IT WILL FREE DREAD.
  2. It tangles & mats so easily.
  3. You have to keep it wet to get the natural curl look.
  4. It is not easy to blow out and straighten.
  5. It drips black when you wet it... ewww.
  6. Ends get ratty very quick.

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