Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taking Out the Braids

Taking out your braids can be a long process if you don't work smart. If you have braids that are 24 inches long and your hair is only 4 inches long, then look at where your hair is comming out of the braid and cut the braid before your hair starts. I would cut the braid and inch after where the hairs is coming out of the braid and where braid gets thin.
As you can see, I cut all of the braids and then I took the braids out. I combed the braids out as if I was taking out regular braids. When it got to the end I unwrapped the braid from around my hair. I then combed my hair. IF YOU DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR IT WILL LOCK UP! YOU WILL HAVE TO CUT YOUR HAIR OUT!
After all of the hair came out this is what I looked like. You can see that my hair is longer! YAY! You can see that my edges took a small loss from those tight small braids.
This is all the hair that I had to comb out of my head. If you do not comb this hair out then it will lock in the hair that did not shed. If you can see what I am point to, it is a ball of dirt. Over time your hair will collect dirt. And if you are oiling your hair like you are supposed to it will collect dirt. You must comb this dirt out.
After I took my hair out I put in a pre-poo. The ingredients is what is in the picture on the side. I left that in over night. I washed my hair with Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Then Dr. Browner's Castile Soap. After that I conditioned and de-tangled with Aubrey Organics Conditioner that I blogged about previously.
All Done!

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