Sunday, October 10, 2010

Milky Way Yacky 1B Review

Cost: $25-$35 a Pack
Multipurpose: Yes
Texture: Great
Shead Scale: 7/10 (10 bad)
Tangle Scale: 6/10
Would I Buy it Again: YUP!

This hair is a very great brand of hair in several ways. It curls and straightens beautifully. It is also semi-easy to detangle.I knots up very bad. It also makes a horrible itch in your head. This itch was far worst then with the other hair I had. I did not enjoy that at all. I had to comb my hair way more then a few times an hour. It shead like a dog!!!! Its sheading was horrible. not as bad as some track I seen but it is gross!!! i have hair everywhere!!! Because this hair was 1B it was dark. If you got it wet in the slightest a black reside would be left on your clothing and/or face and/or hands, whatever it touched. It also caused my face to break out HORRIBLY. I had long hair before with bangs and swooshes... EVERYTHING but this stuff here did thee most to my face. The next day after i removed it and washed my face, my face did a 360! If you love track and it is your thing, then by all mean BUY IT. People who live, sweat and breath track would like this, but because this is my first time seriously dealing with track, I did not like it. I did hear that the Milky Way Permed hair is better. I would buy it again for it to be professionally done.

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