Saturday, November 20, 2010

Food for Thought

On my Youtube Channel I was asked this question:
I have a sincere question that I hope you wont take the wrong way. Why the concern for the chemicals and unnatural ingredients in your hair products but not the same concern for what you put into your body? Ive seen vids where you say you take non FDA approved diet pills instead of going natural with the food you eat to lose weight. Why not be concerned in both areas especially since what goes inside is a little more important than what we put on our hair? Thanks
So I answered:
lol no offense taken, and you are right for asking. I take the same precaution with my hair as i do with my body. i have researched each ingredient in the pills like i have with the products that go in my hair. i am a healthy eater and i also take vitamins. I put pure things in my hair like I do with myself. I do not put as much "harmful" food in me and the same with my hair. I treat mineral oil/fried foods the same way if you catch my drift. thanks for ur ? imma blog about this

Tried that.  

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