Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My $127 Whole Foods Haul

Thats right I did it! I finally brought all of the stuff I wanted to make my own whipped shea butter and hair oil. I am moving up the natural chain! yes this stuff was about $127 but it is worth it because these oils will last a very long time and will make me lots of products!!! 

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  1. hey, i just came by your blog from your "whipped shea butter" video (nice vice by the way). $127 is alot to spend at whole foods but like u said it's worth it. I just wanted to suggest something to you. If you have a Tjmaxx or Marshalls near you at school, go there and look for their section of food. They ave extra virgin olive oil (different brands and different onces), i know you have to look closely if they have safflower oil and grapeseed oil. Idk if you're using castor oil yet, but walmart carries castor oil(laxative section) and coconut oil (vitamin section) and tea tree oil. Just wanted to suggest places you can find things for a bit cheaper. I'm a college student too so I have tried to find the things that are at whole foods near my campus. Also there is a website that has reasonably priced organic oils, shea butter, coco butter, etc ( I hope my suggestions helped (if you didnt already know).