Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks Mom

IF YOU ARE UP, I AM UP! WHEN YOU SAID, "I WISH YOU WERE UP TO SAY STAY STRONG OR SOMETHING" I JUST DID! CAUSE IF YOU KNOW THAT'S WHAT I'D SAY.....IT IS SO AND SAID!......Just you knowing that I'm there for you to even send this email, Just you knowing what I'd say and how and Just you knowing that this one grade don't stops the dame SHOW- is JUST it!.....SELF WORTH & POWER. Those people, EVERYONE OF THEM sees your strength and power..YOU DO TO! Feeling the pain of this ONE failing grade is there for a reason...Only God is perfect. So, Get up, Brush yourself off, Super glue them dame glasses and keep it moving like only YOU know how to!,

                                                                                                 -From My Mother

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