Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hair Typing System

Please do not be fooled by everything you hear and see on YouTube. Earlier I put up a post talking do not be fooled by websites that have off hair typing systems. The hair typing system that is in place is the Andre Walker hair typing system and the one that was made from Curls. The Andre Walker hair typing system is the original hair typing system adopted by many. It goes a little something like this:

1a. Straight - Soft, shiny, fine, difficult to curl, thin, oily, and hard to damage. 
1b. Straight - Volume, body, thick
1c. Straight  - Course, hard, to curl, straight. Think Asain.

2a.Wavy - S pattern, thin, fine, can be styled.
2b.Wavy  - Frizzy, medium texture, a little hard to style. 
2c. Wavy - Style resistant, very frizzy, course, thicker waves.  

3a. Curly - Mix of different textures, loose curls, full, thick, frizzy, and S pattern. Hair tends to have a combination texture. 
3b.Curly - Mix textures, medium curl amounts, tight curls. 

4a.Kinky - Tight Coils, soft, fragile, more moisture then 4b, and defined curl pattern. 
4b. Kinky - Fragile, tightly coiled, Z pattern shape, less defined curls, shrinks up, needs moisture and wiry. 

The idea of 1 and no 1 sub categories is from Curls. And they have added a 4c. I love the idea of the 4c because that specifically defines my hair. Do not believe everything and be ignorant do your research and find whats right for your hair. Thanks Kimmaytube for making me realize this. 

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