Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clip Your Ends: Protective Hairstyle

Just because your hair is in protective hair styles does not mean you do not need to clip your ends or throughly moisturize your hair. Keeping your hair in braids with synthetic hair is hard. It is harder to moisturize it. The synthetic hair takes moisture out of your hair. I assumed that keeping my hair in protective hair styles excluded me from clipping my ends... NEGATIVE!!! MAKE SURE YOUR ENDS ARE HEALTHY!!! Moisturize your hair! I know moisturizing your hair may cause your braids to slip, or you may not be able to throughly get your hair done, but so what! TAKE CARE OF YOUR ENDS!!! Don't end up like me!  My ends were fighting each other. They were so dry and brittle. There were tangles, knots, splits, tears, rips, EVERYTHING. This def set me back 3 months but you live and you learn. It’s just hair anyway… right…

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