Saturday, July 24, 2010

Protective Hair Style Day!

Today I am getting braids. The style of braids I am getting I have had many times before growing up. Some people call them long braids, others call them goddess braids. I just call them braids. This hair style costs $200 dollars and it takes up to 12 hours to be done. The price does seem a little high but these braids are done with quality from a professional that I have been going to since I was 11.

Positives of Braids:

  • Can last for 2-3 months
  • Protects your hair better than other protective styles (in my opinion)
  • Can be styled
  • Very Pretty (lol im such a girl)

Negatives of Braids:

  • Takes a long time to do
  • Hurts
  • If not done properly, can pull out hair
  • Braids too small can pull out hair

As much as people love Micros or Invisibles, Those small braids can pull your hair out especially your edges. Only a few strands are put into the braids and the weight of the hair can pull out your hair. There is a hair to braid hair ratio and your edges are very delicate. So when getting your braids choose carefully. Some times the hair can make your scalp itch, but this is rare.

Yes! You can get braids cheaper. I heard that in New York braids are $60 because there are braid shops every where n competition. I know there is cousins or home girls that can do braids cheaper as wel. But me personally I like going to professionals.

Friday, July 23, 2010

A New Natural!!!

Meet Tiearra
In her words: Been getting my hair relaxed since I was 4. Never really knew anything other than getting relaxers. I decided it was time for a change and I did not hesitate at all. I have always had low confidence through out life and still do. One would think that going natural would not do anything for my confidence, but it has. It is actually boosting my confidence and I feel a lot better about myself. I have always been so hung up in what people think of me and living by other people's standards, and I believe that is what my relaxed hair represented. So I cut it all off and I am not really worried what other people think because at the end of the day, I have to love me before anyone can love me. I don't completely LOVE me yet, but this is a step towards that goal. I simply love this feeling.
She is a good friend of mines from school that decided to go natural. Stay tuned to see her featured in this blog and my YouTube videos (click here).

Monday, July 19, 2010

What You Will Not Do

As you know may know I had mini twisted my hair. Every morning to refresh my hair I would spray them with water, rub a little bit of conditioner on them, and seal in the moisture with shea butter. I believe this is where the problems began.
  • When your hair dries after your wet it, it shrinks up. I believe my hair shrunk up around itself.
  • I did not clip my ends after i twisted my hair. I know I needed my ends clipped!
  • I got in a pool. The worst thing I could ever do! Chlorine dries out your hair. So then when it dried I had tangled dry fragile hair!!!
So what did I do? In this order I:
  1. De-tangled (dry, while taking out my locs, lol)
  2. Washed
  3. Conditioned
  4. De-tangled (while tre'summe naturals was in)
  5. Washed (yes I shampooed the conditioner out)
  6. Deep Conditioned (my avocado and egg recipe)
  7. Washed
  8. Conditioned
  9. De-tangled (while aubrey organics was in)
  10. Rinse
Was all this necessary? YES!!! I did not want locs! My hair had locked up. My hair is still pretty dry and needs a little love. On a brighter :) note, I was gentle and I only lost a little bit of hair and at least i know how to lock my hair now. LOL
Watch the Video: Click Here