Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taylor Ron'ette by Sean

This local Baltimore small business owner has a skill and a talent... FOR FASHION. He hand makes beautiful hair pieces and bow ties. I recently purchased a hair piece from him myself. Below is a small sample of his works.
NOTE: Bowties can be made into hair pieces!
More to come soon!
Because you like what you see, contact him:
Facebook: Taylor Ron'ette
Web: Coming Soon!!!
G Says: Support Local Talent <3

Friday, August 6, 2010


This summer went by so fast!!! McNair, Work, College Tour, Conference, Ocean City... Life. And even through it all I wish I did more. I wish...
My brother Rob wasn't so mad.
I played more with my little Julia.
I told Alex that he was more then my buddy, he was my brother and I love him.
I sat at the end of my mothers bed every night and talked like we used to.
We went to Carabas together again.
We had real one on ones.
We didn't argue.
That WE were the family unit that we used to be.
You never know when things will change. You never know when you will go. I thank God that through it all, anger or not, I still was in my families' presence. There is nothing like Motherly or Family love.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Funky-Up Do

Another up-do hair style. My mom corn-rolled my hair up in the back and I did three bantu-ish knots at the top. I was playing around with my hair and came up with this. Lol. Enjoy!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Braid Up-Do

My up do hair style to keep the braids out of my face and up where it is not pulling on the braids or my edges. This hair style is inspired by a friend of mine aka Loso Santiago. That's why I call this style, The Loso.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Braid Upkeep

In order to keep your hair healthy and moisturized while in braids, there are several things you can do.
  1. Put oil or shea butter on your scalp. I do this once a week because I do not want build up.
  2. Spray a leave-in on it. Stores sell a wide variety of braid leave in sprays as well as anti-itch sprays.
  3. DO NOT SCRATCH!!! When you scratch your scalp you are damaging it. Plus you will cause hair to break at the root. Pat your head, rub, but DO NOT SCRATCH!!!
  4. For the first week to two weeks, DO NOT PULL YOUR HAIR BACK IN ANY STYLE!!! Your edges are very sensitive. You will pull them out because the weight of the ponytail will put tension on your hair causing them to be pulled out! ***If you want your hair pulled out of your face, lightly put a ponytail holder around the middle of your hair making a lose pony tail***
  5. You can wash your braids if you have scalp build up. Do it gently.
  6. If you are going to style your braids, chose a style with less tension or pulling on the braids.