Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I have learned that with every great project you must do research. My big project is to make my OWN shea butter mix for my hair. I am in love with this Lavender Vanilla Pomade by "Created by Nature". I need to either make my own version of this or some other recipe I can call my own. I have learned several things thus far tho:

  • Shea Butter needs to be warmed in a double boiler. 
  • You need a hand blender.
  • You need to know what oils to mix.
  • DO NOT use these oils undiluted or digest these oils.
  • This process will take a strong 2 hours! 
  • Use MAJORITY shea butter and carrier oils and drops of essential oils. 

My $127 Whole Foods Haul

Thats right I did it! I finally brought all of the stuff I wanted to make my own whipped shea butter and hair oil. I am moving up the natural chain! yes this stuff was about $127 but it is worth it because these oils will last a very long time and will make me lots of products!!!