Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clip Your Ends: Protective Hairstyle

Just because your hair is in protective hair styles does not mean you do not need to clip your ends or throughly moisturize your hair. Keeping your hair in braids with synthetic hair is hard. It is harder to moisturize it. The synthetic hair takes moisture out of your hair. I assumed that keeping my hair in protective hair styles excluded me from clipping my ends... NEGATIVE!!! MAKE SURE YOUR ENDS ARE HEALTHY!!! Moisturize your hair! I know moisturizing your hair may cause your braids to slip, or you may not be able to throughly get your hair done, but so what! TAKE CARE OF YOUR ENDS!!! Don't end up like me!  My ends were fighting each other. They were so dry and brittle. There were tangles, knots, splits, tears, rips, EVERYTHING. This def set me back 3 months but you live and you learn. It’s just hair anyway… right…

Monday, December 20, 2010

Natural Hair Realization

So over the last day and a half I have been watching Kimmaytube Youtube videos. When I first watched her videos about 6 months ago, I thought she was doing too much. I figured she was rattling on and discussing issues that were really only her problem. 

  • I swore that as long as it said no mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, -ates, and cones I was all good.
  • Who cares about porosity and lifted follicles. 
  •  I knew that braids, cornrolls, and kinky twists was the best way to go for protective hair styles at all times. 
  • I knew washing your hair once a week was horrible. 
  • Co-washing daily is the truth.
  • Wide tooth combs is the best way to go to detangle.
         At first I watched her videos over and over. I absorbed so much of what she was saying. I understood on a more scientific level. But I could not listen to this one woman alone. I knew that I had to do research. She did mention 2 books to read. One was Grow it by Chicoro and Ultra Black Hair Growth II by Cathy Howse. I decided I wanted to read these books on my nook so I was looking for the ebook version when I stumbled across this little booklet about hair. CLICK HERE I read this booklet slowly absorbing everything. I learned so much from this booklet. I learned how my hairs are flat and elliptical shaped. How follicules open and close and you need things with higher ph to close things! OMG! What have I been thinking? What have I been listening to? OMG!!! 
        When we see all of those chemicals on the back of bottles, I understand them now. They are emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives, and some of them do moisturize. But most of them are good for your skin and not as good for your hair. 
        In order to find out whether is is good or bad for your hair you can also use this site. CLICK HERE Kimmaytube put me on this as well. It is shows what is good and bad for your hair, skin, body, babies, etc. It is a great site. it also explains these products and why they are hazardous. I am so blown, confused, and I really need to rethink my hair teachings. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mission Make Up

I am home for Christmas break.  I want to do something epic. I want to practice my makeup skills. I have seen some beautiful things and I want to try it all!