Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Test the PH of Your Hair Care Products

I learned some important things from Cathy Howse and Kimmaytube. I learned it is important to return your hair to its proper ph. Some shampoos can completely strip the natural oils from your hair. You want to make sure you open your cuticles to get moisture in but you have to make sure you close them as well. This is a few reasons why it is important to test the ph of your haircare products. 

4.0-6.0 Wash you hair with a shampoo that is this ph (closer to 6 to open cuticles).  
4.5-5.5 This is the ph that hair is between. 
4.0 Closes your hair cuticles and holds in moisture (close to 4 to close cuticles).

I tested the ph of all my hair products, The original shea buttter I made had a ph of 6.5and 7).
(strip on the left that is between the 6  The new whipped shea butter I made has a ph of 5.5 (strip between the 5 and 6). My hair spray has a ph of 6 and so does my hair oil. This is all great! It means that my products will close my hair cuticles after I sprayed it on. I will add aloe vera juice to my hair spritz tho to bring it closer to 4.5.

I will be testing the ph of more of my products and I will let you know the results. 

You can buy ph strips HERE. These are great! Thanks Kimmaytube

Read books and do research. Discover what your hair loves. You will be surprised what you can learn. 

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