Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grow It by Chicoro Book Review

      This book is a great book to read. it is even better to read if you are a new natural or if you are not ready for the no nonsense words of Cathy Howse. Grow It by Chicoro is a book that is one of a kind with great insight on hair upkeep in a unique way. She opens the book discussing why and how she came up with her "Grow It" method. This was great because she gave her experiences and it connected with me in several ways. After this she talks about her famous "grow it" method. She basically breaks it down into 6 steps.
1. Dry Detangle
2. Shampoo
3. Condition
4. Moisturize 
5. Protect Your Hair
6. Grow Your Outlooks and Hair
   Because she also supports washing afro textured hair frequently she uses products with mineral oil and petroleum in them. One of her favorite styling aids IS petroleum! When you open your mind and read and hear other naturals you learn alot of things. it is always best to read a lot and get lots of research, then being narrow minded and listening to one person or a small group of people. 
   Of Course I cannot go into great detail due to copyright, but I sincerely want you to read her book. I think it was another eye opener like Ultra Black Hair Growth II. I think this book is an excellent read because knowledge is power and if you want to grow your hair, this is great!

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