Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Look Closer at my Regimen

This is the very beginning of my hair process. What you see here is dirty plaits all over my head. Before I take a shower I massage oils into my head. Scalp massages are great because they get the blood flowing in the scalp. They all massage oil into your scalp especially oil that is very penetrating. Plus I do not want the shampoo to take all of the moisture out of my hair.This week I decided to not SHAMPOO my hair in the plaits. I took my hair out so I could really get the fuzzes and dirt out of my hair. 


This is my hair fresh out of the shower. My hair really curls up and reverts! it is crazy. I washed my hair outside of the braids just to really get it clean and so the braids will not get in the way of a good scalp massage. 

This is my hair braided and detangled with conditioner. I put a good amount of conditioner in my hair. I do not saturate my hair but I put enough in to coat my hair strands and to provide slip. This time I washed mt hair in a fro to really clean it and to get bigger dirt out of it (fuzzes from kufis) because of me washing my hair out (in a fro) and not in plaits, I had to use Giovanni's Deep Moisture conditioner because it has more slip than the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. It is waxy and really allow my comb to slide right through my hair. Washing my hair in the fro caused a vast amount of tangles and my hair was very hard to get through. I will not be doing that too much in the future. I want to retain my length.  

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