Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo 2011

This is a bit late but I was so excited to try my products that I forgot to put what I brought and how my experience was. This year I loved the hair show. There was so much jewelry and hair products! From small business owners like Afiya and Created By Nature, all the way to the big business owners like Heautiful and Jane Carter Solutions! The hair products ranged around the same price as last year. The main price was $10, The only issue I had was that the price of jewelry was sky high! Earrings had the prices of $15 and $25!!!! Oh no! Other than that I loved it and got my monies worth! Here is what I brought including prices, websites, and my review!


This is Created by Nature Shea butter. I love this stuff!!! I brought the Lavender and Vanilla shea butter last year and was searching for it again this year and I found it. Both of these were $20. This is not a bad price considering how much other products were. It smells awesome and it smoothed onto my 4c hair beautifully!!!
Cost $10 per jar (This was the price at the hair show! The 8oz jar of pomade  is $14.00, the 16oz. jar is $25.00)


These products are made by Naturalista Cosmetics. These products smell wonderful! The spray in the bag is a Ph balanced leave in spray. The jar next to it is the Juicy Hair Leave In Conditioner. This is smooth and very creamy. It is also whipped very lightly, it is great.
Cost: $20 (This is the cost for the spray and the leave in, the coco butter was a free gift. Again, these are the prices at the hair show, online the products are a lot higher?


This booth was a pleasant surprise. Walking by it made my nose yearn for more of a smell. This is soaps and lotions by Buhdze! I purchased two bars of soap and her scented black soap. These things are all natural and smell like heaven! The owner who was at the show was so friendly and welcoming. I purchased the oatmeal and honey bar as well as the white tea and ginger bar. The black soap suds very well and feels amazing on the skin! I love how she gave often bitter black soap a great smell.
Cost: $20 (this was a pick 3 deal at the air show. cost the same online)


I forgot all of the information bout this earring, but it was $10 and very pretty!


This conditioner is by Simply Natural Organics. If you want a conditioner with a smell that will last all day long, then this is the conditioner to use! It smells great but very strong. it is thin in texture but has a vast amount of great ingredients!
Cost: $10


These deep conditioners are made by Afiya. These deep conditoners are great. They smell nice and are very moisturizing. These deep conditoners elongate my curls and makes by hair very easy to detangle. Easy to detangle even if I slap it on a dry twist/braid out it will get my hair moisturized and detangled. This can also be used as a leave in as well. This is a hidden treasure that my 4c hair loves!
Cost: $25 for 2 (online they are $30 for 2)


Taliah Waajid gave away free samples but they did not sell hair products.


These are a pair of Ankh shaped earrings. They are beautiful but they cost $20! Ugh! my splurge of the day!

                     What I Purchased the Same Day


Oyin Handmade was not at the show, but because they weren’t there I went to their Baltimore store. Because they weren’t at the show they were giving away their after bath oil for free with every purchase!
Cost: $28 (free after bath valued at $10)


I purchased this from Sallys for $10. I love it and it works great!


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  1. Hello there, thanks so much for the write up, we appreciate your support and love for our product. The 8oz jar of pomade (which you purchased at the show) is $14.00, the 16oz. jar is $25.00. Created by Nature