Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glue in Track On French Braid

My friend wanted to quickly do her hair for the week. No corn rolling, no needle, no thread, just glue and hair. So this is what we did... 

These are the main items you will need. 

Leave a nice sized section out in the front. 

You take black gel, or any hard hold gel, and you work it into you WET hair you then french braid the hair down the middle. If your hair is longer, pin it up into the bottom of the french braid. The hair will be very wet and gelly, sit under the dryer for 30 min or until your hair is dry. 

Measure the track and cut it to the length you need. You then take the track glue and squeeze some of it out onto the top part where the track is. You can fan the glue or let it dry a bit for a few seconds to get it tacky. 

After you place the glue on the track you lay it down on top of the french braid from the bottom to the top. Use the longer pieces of track first if you have different lengths. When you stick the track down take your blow dryer and use it to blow heat on the wet glue. It will cause it to dry very fast. 

You keep going up the french braid until you get to the hair that is left out at the top.

After you are finish you flat iron the hair you left out on the top and blend it into the track to give it a natural look. (She didn't want to pose for a real picture but a better one will be coming soon!) 

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