Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Cheap Track: Dreamweaver Pose

Cost: $10-$30
Texture: 7/10 (it ain't remy to all my bosses, lol)
Styling Potential: 7/10
Overall Satisfaction: 7.5/10

Sometimes track is very expensive. One cannot afford it by the pound and others cannot afford Remy, Saga, or all of those other high end brands. And if you do your hair every two weeks, who is going to drop mad money for fresh tracks? Well a friend of mines told me about this cheap nice quality track. it is soft and has great swing and thickness. it comes in several lengths and is from $10-$30 a pack depending on where you shop. There is also a good amount of hair on the waft and it does not shed badly. It is also 100% human hair and it flat irons and curls beautifully. i did a roller set on this once and the curls came out excellent with out any heat! I would recommended this to the on a budget chick who wants to style their hair often with fresh track. This track can last however if you want to wear it for a while. 

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