Monday, October 10, 2011

Shout Outs

My birthday was September 25th. 

I know I'm so late but here are some pics and my shout outs! 

Mommy- You always know how to make things grand! My mother hooked me up and made a way for me to go shopping and enjoy myself that weekend. I love everything about her.

Jessica- MULA! Wolf PAck! #teamtheonlyonewhoneededtheemt #teamyoureallydied #teamdelta #teamcranberryjuice #teamvelvet I love you!

Breeze- My sugar lump haha. That one eye the other day. Thank you for being there on my special day! 

Angeline- No No no no no... no. #teamhellateams My bff. I love all the time we spend together. Thanks for the time on my birthday! #teamzeta

Tiearra- #teamsims I thank you so much for sharing by birthday with me. We had so much fun! #teamtmblr #teamfoxy #teamdisdiiiiii

Kenneth- BESTIE!!! I miss you and thank you for making my xbox possible! 

Kappa Kappa & Cousin- Thank you for somming through. Neither one of yall could handle MULA but its all good. Btw, how is cousin's head? lol

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