Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Corn Rolled Updo

 Cool Huh?

This is a very simple style... If you know how to corn roll. If not you can always substitute cornrolls or flat twists with regular twists or braids. I got my cornrolls done with loc butter so they can last longer. You can so any design you want. You can also wear a turban or fedora with this style. 


This hair style will work better for you if:
  • You get your hair cornrolled.
  • If you want to "twist out" or "braid out" the front of your hair, cornroll or flat twist it FORWARD. When your hair sets and you take it out the next day it will fall forward in your face. You can also use hair pins to hold it down. 
More Pics!

In this picture I wore a turban. You can see how my cornrolls are braided to the front so when I take them out they will fall forward. 

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