Thursday, December 1, 2011

How to Make Beaded Hair Pins

How to Series pt 1
How to make beautiful hair pins in 10 easy steps!!! 

This is a cheap beautiful hair accessory that you could customize yourself. it is so fun and easy to do you could get addicted! Enjoy!

What You Will Need:
1. Side Cutters
2. Long Nose Pliers
3. Flat Nose Pliers 
4. Bobby Pins
5. 26 gauge Beading Wire
6. Beads of Your Choice 

Step One:
Measure out a piece of wire. This piece of wire will be about 9cm or 4 inches. After you make a few you can use your judgement. 

Step Two:
Slide the wire through the top of the bobby pin. Only pull about 3/4 of an inch or 2cm through the bobby pin. 

Step Three:
Twist the short end of the wire up around the longer part of the wire. The bobby pin should be in the bottom of a small loop. The bottom picture is how it should look. 

Step Four:
Squeeze the exposed in closet to the wire that way the beads can slide over it and the rough end won't be exposed to your hair. 

Step Five:
PICK YOUR BEADS!!! ...any bead of your choice. I like smooth beads that way the bead can glide over my hair and not damage it. There are so many bead choices!!!

Step Six
String your beads onto the wire. Make sure they go over the end you twisted up. 

Step Seven:
Twist the exposed end over the end of your string of beads. 

Step Eight:
Twist the bottom around the bottom of the beads. 

Step Nine:
Cut the excess wire off of the bottom. 

Step Ten:
Use the Long Nose Pliers to twist the end of the wire close to the base and if you can twist the end up into the bead so it is not exposed. If the end is exposed make sure it is flush against the wire so that it does not snag your hair. 

ENJOY!!! You now have a beautiful boss hair accessory!!! 

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