Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heutiful Hair Steamer Review

Cost: $125
Rating: 7.9/10

Last year I brought a Heutiful Hair Steamer. I did not want to do a detailed review because I wanted to use this product a few times. The steamer comes in 3 parts and they are very easy to put together. In this heutiful steamer video I show you how. This hair steamer is very nice, it has a clean look and is very efficient for... the top of your head. Unless you are really sitting under it which is super hot it potentially misses a good amount of your hair. If you have long hair, pin your hair up that way it can be under the steamer. 

  • The first time I used it I must have barely sat underneath it because the back and sides of my hair was dry.  
  • The second time I used it, I must have put too much conditioner on because it did not feel different than a shower cap at all.
  • The third time I used it I randomly steamed my super dry hair. This time my whole head was wet and moisturized. 
  • The forth time i used it I sat all the way up so it can get to the back of my head and my sides, it worked, but not as well as the top of my head. It also hurts sitting all the way up. Steam can burn and the accumulation of the hood dripped in the middle of my head. OUCH! This time however the parts that have been getting throughly steamed the whole time... FELT GREAT!!! My hair was moisturized and I could tell my hair strands had moisture. When I used my leave in my hair smoothed down nicely. However, the back of my hair and sides was still not as "wet" or "steamed" as they should have been.
  • Maybe my head is too big... -_-
  • The next time I try this I'm going to open the vent ducts at the top and stick my head all the way in the steamer, or perhaps I will sit backwards and bend over, I don't know. I would like the rest of this great feeling all over my head. 

If you have a small head and money to blow, treat yourself. But if not, do not buy it. This product is a luxury and not a necessity. I personally love it and I do not mind moving myself around to fit it, but if you don't want to work with it and wait for results, then don't buy it. If you have dry hair, and want to try something new, go for it. I think this will work well with protein treatments because they are so drying. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mommy Look At Me!!!

I know I am posting this a day after Valentine's Day so...
Happy Sidechick Appreciation Day!!! 
(if he wasn't with you yesterday... i'm just saying...)

Blazer- Torrid Around $40
Shirt- Old Navy $10
Pants- Torrid Around $55

I always love how my mom dresses so this is a blog shout out to her!!
I love you Mommy!!!

Kimmaytube Leave In

Since I have been doing my "frequently washing" regimen, I changed some of the products I use to leave in moisture in my hair. One of my now staple products is the Kimmaytube (easy do it yourself) Leave In Conditioner. It has a ph of 4 and will cause the cuticles on your hair strands to close. You put this on wet hair and it will lock in that moisture. I have noticed when "smoothing" (rubbing it in from root to tip in a downward direction so your cuticles won't be lifted) this in my hair, my hair has felt very smooth. I then seal that in my with my shea butter and oil. My hair is moisturized for a long time after. I still moisturize daily! Give this a try!!! 

2 tbs Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
2 tbs Kinky Curly Curling Custard
2tsp Jojoba Oil (Or oil of your choice. I like to add this and a small amount of emu oil and 5 drops of rosemaryto mines)