Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo

Cost: $10-12
Smell: Clean and Light
Texture: Thick Like Elmers Glue
Rating: 9/10

When thinking of a basic organic shampoo this stuff is great. I love how it gently cleans your hair but does not strip it. This shampoo has a great lather (if that is what your looking for) and  it cleans very well. I shampoo only once, that is how well it works. When I wash my hair it causes my hair to curl up. It removes all of the products that cause my hair to feel dirty and weighed down. When it is washing my hair the shampoo restores my hair back in its natural curly state. This shampoo is ph balances and that is the reason why it is able to cause my hair to curl back and not feel like mush or dry after I wash like other shampoos. (ph of shampoo should be between 4-6)  It is beautiful. At times when choosing a  shampoo to use for my wash day I always seem to go back to this shampoo. I know the price is higher than other shampoos you can find, but for the ingredients, ph balance-ness and what it does, I LOVE IT

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Evolve Conditioning Cap

Cost: $2.50-$3
Rating: 10/10

OMG!!! This $3 wonder is awesome!!! If you are used to conditioning your hair with a shower cap and sitting under the drier, then this is great for you. This conditioning cap is so much better than a simple shower cap. It is made specifically for conditioning and locks in and holds heat. This cap really says you can use it with body heat alone but when pairing it with a drier, AMAZING! I would even go as far to say this cap is better than my Heutiful Hair Steamer! :-O Oh no she didn't, oh yes I did! I love this little cap and I have only used it twice. The elasticity on it is tight so nothing slips out, and it is very heat efficient. Two huge thumbs up!!! Give it a try, Walmart sells it for very cheap.