Saturday, January 7, 2012

4c Style: Party Hair Updo

As you all know, I love a good updo... So...

To achieve this hair style:
  1. I parted the front of my hair that I was going to leave out. 
  2. I then put conditioner first and then gel on the hair in the back. The hair in the was wet.
  3. I then french rolled my hair up and pinned as I went along. USE AS MANY PINS AS NECESSARY. 
  4. After I finished the french roll I braided the top of my hair and sat under the dryer. 
  5. After about 30 grueling hot minutes I said... Forget this hot dryer... I let the rest air dry...
  6. I then plucked out the front right before I went out and WAH-LAH! 

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