Thursday, January 26, 2012

Accessories & Protective Style: The Turban

Bin Laden Ain't The Only One! #lol 

Hair Style
A Pashmina 4for$20 
*** Note: Underneath my hair is moisturized and protected. i also wear a cap between my hair and the fabric of the scarf to protect my hair and so I will not lose precious moisture!***

Earrings: Long Feather- $10 Natural Hair Expo 
Stud- Forever 21- $3 (6 pair pack)
Glasses: Bonzo.Com $10
Scarf: Walmart $10
Vest: Avenue $6
Lipstick: Mary Kay Black Raspberry 9074

And the theme of this really is good accessories! They take any hair style or outfit to the next level! Plus nowadays, ANYTHING GOES! Be unique but most importantly, 

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