Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How I Achieve Not Cutting My Ends pt1

   A few years back I was very ignorant when it came to taking care of my hair. I was a product junkie that brought anything hot and I barley read over the labels. I brought things without really thinking. Now I have 100s of dollars worth of... quite frankly useless products for my hair. I was getting so fed up with my hair I was slowly losing its good health. My ends were dry and raggedy. It was horrible. I started watching youtube videos and then I had my natural hair... BING! I am the type of person that wants to always grow and learn more. ;) 

Educating Myself...
    I soon started doing my own research. I mostly used Youtube and books. One day I came across this Kimmaytube Youtube channel. She was talking about the actual science of hair and because of that (and I am a biology major #teambio) that intrigued me. I also discovered books that were recommended by other youtubers. Cathy Howse's Ultra black Hair Growth 2 and Chicoro's Grow It were the first two books I read and may I just say wow. 

Figuring It Out... 
    Ok so I figured out the science behind natural hair. I figured out that it is a ph issue as well as a product issue. I started to learn what MY hair wanted and NOT what the media, other people, or my ignorance suggested. 

What Does All That Have to Do With Ends You Ask? 
   Well simple... these books taught me about hair health and taught me to pay attention to my hair routine and products. It all taught me how to grow and keep healthy hair.  ULTIMATELY however this is MY way of doing my hair and keeping MY hair healthy. You can do your own research and figure out what your hair wants and needs. But I am here to help! :)  

The Last Time I Clipped My Ends... 
    In a blog post on December 21, 2010 I posted about clipping my ends. You can view this post here: 

If I could go back in time I would have still had to clip those ends. They were so horrible. My hair was so tangled you could pull one side of it and feel it on the other!!! Funny now, sad then. I also did not know what products worked for me so I was having a battle to figure out what to do. Within a month I learned how I dont have to clip my ends at all! 

I Do Not Clip My Ends pt 1

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