Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nappy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

With the New Year comes goals, resolutions and BIG HAIR DREAMS!!! This year I would like to see if I can retain all of the length I grow this year WHILE wearing my hair out in styles. For me protecting my hair and wearing it out did not go hand in hand. My hair was short before and coming up with styles for me was hard. I kept my hair in little plaits with my hair wrapped. BUT if the world is supposed to end on 12/12/12 well I'm going to wear my hair out as much as I can before the end!!! How will I achieve this you ask? Here's how:
  1. DO NOT CLIP MY ENDS- Yeah that's right I said it, I DO NOT clip my ends! I have not clipped my ends in over a year. 
  2. Keep hair up and off the back of my neck- Hair that rubs against scarves and clothing fabrics dry out and break.
  3. KEEP HAIR STRETCHED- Stretched hair does not tangle up (like a fro) into itself thus causing less  single strand or fairy knots. 
  4. NO UN-STRETCHED AFROS- AFROS are the ULTIMATE way to hair breakage the hair tangles in itself... And... Well you know the rest. (especially if your hair is very course and curly) 
Let me know what natural hair goals you have by leaving a comment below! 

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