Friday, February 10, 2012

Product Review: Andalou Naturals

Andalou NaturalsMoisture Rich Conditioner 
Sweet Orange & Argan

Cost: $10 
Smell: Great :)
Texture: Creamy & Thick
Rating: 9/10

      I ran out of conditioner... as normal... And of course I needed to get more. Where do I buy most of my hair products from if I MUST buy them... WHOLE FOODS! :) As I walked down hair the isle in Whole Foods to pick up a conditioner that I previously used and loved, I saw this conditioner. I have never seen this brand before so I picked it up and read it. I tend to do that with all of my products and so should you, wink wink. Anyway I found this. Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich conditioner. What attracted me to this conditioner is the fact that it says that it benefits dry, curly, textured hair.  I read the back of the bottle and saw that it was ALOE VERA JUICE BASED... WHAT??? I also saw that it had lots of organic ingredients. Plus this smelled lovely. So I decided to then give it a try. 

     As I was putting it on it felt great. It has great slip to assist with detangling. It also smells crazy good. I could feel my hair smoothing down as I used it. When I was finish applying that I put castor oil and emu oil in my hair and I kept it in for about 3 hours. Yea... I keep my conditioners in as long as I want. After I rinsed my conditioner out, my hair felt amazing. It actually didn't feel like my hair at all. It was very soft, my ends curled up and my hair even had an amazing shine. I only used about 1/5 of the bottle too. So I can use this about 4 or 5 times and at $10 that is not so bad. I think this is a great conditioner for course or dry haired naturals as well. Check it out if you like because I loved it! 

Thanks for reading! :)

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