Thursday, March 1, 2012

Natural 4b-4c Hair

You are probably wondering what MY shampoos and conditioners do to my hair. Here is a complete photo exhibit of my hair in its different natural states. In the beginning I am going to show your my hair and then I am going to get down to my ends. 

My Hair

This picture is my hair while I was shampooing it. As you see it is not in twists and you can really see how much my hair shrinks up. Yes, this is after 2 years of hair growth. If you look you can also see how I have several different hair types. My tighter hair which is on the top and center of my head is shorter then the hair in the back of my hair. The hair in the back is a loser curl pattern then the top and that is why it hangs more freely then the hair at the top. 

This is my hair after being shampoo-ed and rinsed. This is before conditioner or any products whatsoever. My hair in its natural state. You can see how tightly my hair curls up and how unruly it is. This picture proves how I do not wear my hair in afros because it will curl up into itself causing tangles and knots. You can also see how I have a very tight coily, kinky hair type as well. 

This is a picture of the loser curl pattern I have in the back. I have two different hair types. They both are very tight and coily but one is loser then the other. This type hangs a bit more. 


The first picture is of my hair after I dried it with no product. You can really see how natural hair shrinks up. Even thought you may not think so, this is a good thing. When my hair is healthy it curls up. Lose, limp or hair that won't curl up is weak or damaged. This lets me know that my hair is not damaged. You will see how my ends are the same. of they don't curl up, we have a problem. 

My Ends

This is images of my hair after it has been washed with no product. This is why it is good to pick a nice shampoo that is ph balanced. The shampoo cleans all of the dirt out of my hair while restoring it to its natural curl pattern. It is not longer dull and stretched out or weighed down by products and dirt. 

These pictures are of my hair and what conditioning does for my ends. The first picture is my ends after I towel dry my hair.  The second picture is my ends with conditioner in it. You can see how the conditioner is giving my ends what it lost from the shampoo. It is filling in the gaps where nutrients are missing and my hair is curling up. Its curling up because the conditioner is closing my cuticles. I can tell when a conditioner is great and ph balanced for my hair because it will cause my ends to to this. The last picture is a closer look at the pieces of hair side by side. 

These show how the conditioner closes my cuticles and moisturized my hair. My ends and hair are uniform and well conditioned. 

Make sure you have good shampoos and conditioners. In the next post I will tell you what ph to use for your shampoo and conditioners. :)

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