Monday, January 9, 2012

Plus Size Fall/Winter Outfit

Yes, those are jeggings... AND?!

Shirt: Torrid $19-$40 (depends on when you get/got it)
Bottoms: Rainbow Jeggings $10-$15 (depends on where you get them, any hood store will do, lol) 
Shoes: Torrid $40
Necklace: My Mommy $Priceless (well that and I dont know the price but any chunky chocker necklace is great)
Braclet: Looped Necklace Forever 21 $5
Earrings: Asian Mall Stand $1
Glasses: $10 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Curl Define Medium 4c Hair

Ain't It Cute? My Fro That Is! 

This style took me less than 20 minutes and it is gorgeous! I mean look at my hair glow and those curls pop! Wah-Lah! Man am I starting 2012 off right?! 

How To Achieve This Look

You Will Need:
   - Gel
   - Spray Bottle Of Water
   - Styling Brush or Comb 
   - Conditioner (only if your hair is not pre-moisturized) 

***NOTE: This style was done on DRY , MOISTURIZED , & PRE-STRETCHED HAIR***

  1. Part your hair in small workable sections. 
  2. Clip the sections up and work on your hair one section at a time. 
  3. Take one section and spray it with lots of water. 
  4. (optional if your hair has not been pre-moisturized---my hair was pre-moisturized with Shea Moisture Curl Enchanting Smoothie and a shea butter whip)                          Take the conditioner and rub it in your hair smoothing it down.
  5. Take a copious amount of gel and smooth is down your hair. 
  6. Take a styling brush or comb and comb the gel through your hair. 
  7. Shake your hair when you are finished. 
These instructions were merely a crash course, but below is the HOW TO VIDEO!