Thursday, April 18, 2013

Natural Hair Style: Revisiting Kinky Curly

Quite some time ago I tried Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I liked this product a lot however when used with its companion the leave in I thought my hair was still dry and lacking moisture. I wanted to give this a try using my own first step moisturizer. The custard does not allow hair to dry in a timely manner either. None the less I tried the product again. To my surprise it was quite a sucess and I came up with two styles using the product.

Products I Used:
Water: I cannot stress this enough. If you have a very tightly coiled curl pattern you need lots of water. Your hair must be soaking wet to achieve the best results... In my opinion.
Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream: OMG! I'll tell you about this bad boy in a lovely review.
Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Step 1: Wash Then Section & Condition
This is my hair washed with conditioner on it. This photo is like a slight update as to what my hair looks like and the length that I have gotten. You can see how I can put it in chunky medium plats around my head.

Step 2: Apply Curling Cream & Curling Custard & BRUSH!
In each of my chunky sections I only used about a quarter sized amount of the Curling Cream. That mixed with the water in my hair will provide a nice coat of moisture. After the quarter sized amount of the custard is added add copious amounts of that Curling Custard. The more kinky, curly, and coarse your hair is the more you need. BUT WAIT! If you are trying to do a wet curly jeri curl type thing then yes continue... BUT if not then use the regular amount that you would use with any other product for a twist out. The trick is brushing this product through your hair as about twenty times from root to tip. You want this product to cover your hair.
This pic is also another slight update of my hair growth this far!

And Walah! My Two Styles!

First Day Hair
This was the final product and first day hair. It came out really cute and kind of the way I wanted it. This style still took for ever to dry tho. I thoroughly brushed my hair in the direction I wanted it to go and and I let it dry.

Second Day & Beyond
That night I twisted my hair up for bed. I did about 12 plaits over my entire head. In the morning my hair was dry and the twists had set. I really didn't like what my hair became in the morning so I tucked and rolled my hair in to a back roll. The front I simply plucked out and pulled to the side.