Thursday, May 7, 2020

2020 Ain't It Funny

     In my best Martin voice, what's up, WHAT'S UP, WAZZZZZUUUPPPPPPPP! Corona got all of us popping back out of the wood works aye? LMAO. How you doing? How the baby doing? How ya mama doing? I'm just checking in people. I have came a long way from the 400lb college freshman that started this lovely gem years ago. I am now an almost 30 year old plant-based/vegan dread loc babe who loves culture, art, travel and the essence of life. I am beyond blessed for my evolution over time and I am sure you are happy with your progress too.

    During these times I just want to say, ground yourself. Literally put your BARE feet in the grass and pray. Sit outside, catch some sun and meditate. Thank your god, the universe and life for being so divine in these turbulent times. You still deserve peace and happiness through this. I hope you use this time wisely. Whether you are catching up on sleep, starting a new craft, becoming closer to yourself/family, I wish you the best. I personally have taken some of the time to evolve my business and self. People have asked me for more jewelry, art, and even A COOK BOOK. Whew, a bit overwhelming of an endeavor but one to be executed none the less.

     Weight-loss... Well well, over the last few years I have been yo-yo-ing with my weight, going trough points of splurging too much. I don't eat because I'm sad, nothing triggers it actually, I eat to eat. Food be BANGING lmao. I love the flavors, textures, smells. It is an EXPERIENCE! Anyway after eating all the unhealthy food that I could, I made some discoveries. I eat a lot of low nutrient, high calorie meals. (LMAO so I now y'all think I'm about to sell you something or it is a speech but nah lmao I'm just explaining some ish.) I also realized no matter how hard I start working out or how "dedicated" I was I would always stop. What could I do to allow me to lose weight and smash as much food as I want when I want... Going plant based! (vegan if you nasty) I am very proud to be 5 months in and I love it. My energy levels are wonderful, I sleep well, and I lose 1-2 healthy pounds a week without exercise. I eat lots of raw fruits and veggies. I feel amazing and wish I knew about this lifestyle sooner.

     Yes I am still slanging butter with a few tweaks to the old recipe as well as playing around with natural remedies. NO I AIN'T THAT HITTER WITH THE SEA MOSS YET!! LMAO Sea moss has flooded the health market. I have yet to fully experience the use of all of it. I have not been using too many products on my hair because I have locs and I do not want to increase dirt and product buildup. I don't have many to review. I only retwist once or twice a year. I dip my locs in ocean water every chance I get. I do use Jolie My Gel on my hair to retwist and of course my NaturalGMonet's Shea Butter. You know! Drop a line tel me how you are doing.

      Well that's all I wanted to say. I hope you have a wonderful day! If you have time check out Naturalgmonets