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Yes, This blog is old. Yes, I weighed around 400lbs. My last recorded weight was 387lbs, that was 6 months before I started to lose weight. I am certain that I was over 400lbs before I started losing weight. Here are some before & after pictures. I am still on my journey and I will be blogging more about it soon.


ASOS - This is a VERY RETRO nad VERY HIP site! Enjoy!

Plus Size Fashion Sites!!! -THX NK

Like OMG why wasn't I put on sooner. A fellow blogger of mines put me on a blog site about plus sized fashion and I saw these links! Hope you enjoy! <3 <3 <3

Afram 2010

          Baltimore City has an annual festival called The African American Heritage Festival. This year the festival was worst then most previous years. First of off Afram had a cost, $5. I know this may not be a lot to some, but in previous years it was FREE. This year there was not interactive stalls. When I was younger there were places where children could make free arts and crafts to take home. Jewelry and crafts weren't the only things that were being sold. There used to be books, paintings, statues, and leather goods. Now it was just jewelry, food, and clothes. But the day in pictures:

Baltimore Pride 2010

     This year I went to Baltimore Pride. This was my first time attending a pride festival. The festival was very small. While there I wanted more. I wanted more people, more stalls, more acts... I just felt like there could have been more. Of course there was your people in see through speedo's and people who were half naked, but I still wanted more... Oh well we did get to see Pandora Boxx... PICS!!!

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  1. You looked nice at AFRAM. I've never been though.. so if I did go next year or something I'd probably be getting the short end of the stick.