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Question:Every morning i wet my hair and moisturize it with either conditioner or shea butter and then a mixture of oils. My hair looks good after that but when it dries i feel like it looks ashy and dry looking but when i feel it it feels moisturized. Is there anything I can spray or put on my hair during the day or after my hair dries to get it to look less ashy?

Answer: There is sheen and hair sprays that can be sprayed into your hair. You should try safflower oil. They give great shine. Plus when you have so many hairs, there is light reflecting off of all of them. If your hair was in bigger curls and joined together then it would direct light together not against each other. You could also give yourself a rinse to give your hair some color. 

Question: I would like my hair to grow longer&&thicker but I don't want to get as many perms. I have been taking biotin, a vitamin that is supposed to promote healthy skin,hair, and nail growth. I don't know if its actually working though. any suggestions?

AnswerIn reading up on biotin i saw several things. Biotin is [acetyl-CoA-carboxylase] ligase. It is an enzyme that speeds up chemical reactions that is all it does. Because it speeds up chemical reactions in your body, it causes your cells to regenerate faster thus making hair, nails, etc grow faster. That is what makes it optimum for growth. There are other ways to get stronger hair too.

1. Get protective hair styles (braids, updo's, flexi rods...etc)
2. Keep it moisturized!
3. Massage your scalp. Doing this for 8 minutes once a week gets the blood flowing in your hair thus bring more nutrients to your scalp causing your hair to grow faster, stronger and healthier. 
4. Emu Oil is scientifically proved to increase healthy hair growth. 
5. Measure your hair. You will see how fast it is growing with the vitamin or any other step you use. 

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